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Lip Piercings



It’s important to clean your new piercing once or twice per day. We suggest using sterile saline. Do not use contact lens saline, nasal spray, or eye drops. Wash your hands before cleaning or touching your piercing. Spray your piercing with saline and gently dry the area with a clean disposable product like paper towels. While showering we suggest using a dye free, fragrance free, mild liquid soap. Avoid antibacterial soaps. Gently lather around your piercing and then thoroughly rinse all of the soap from the piercing. 

Oral Piercing Aftercare

Every time you eat, drink, or smoke thoroughly rinse your mouth with water (bottled or filtered) or an alcohol free mouthwash. Put some ice in your mouth to help with pain and swelling. Eat soft foods for the first few days. For the first 2 weeks avoid spicy, salty, acidic, and hot temperature foods and drinks. Avoid using straws while healing. Avoid sharing plates, cups, and eating utensils while healing. Avoid wet kissing and oral sex while healing.

What not to do


  • Avoid over cleaning your piercing

  • Do not clean with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soaps, ointments, Bactine, ear piercing solutions, or any products that contain Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) 

  • Do not twist, spin, or rotate your jewelry 

  • Do not touch your piercing with dirty hands 

  • Do not use cotton balls or q-tips

  • Do not submerge your piercing in any body of water such as lakes, oceans, pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, etc. for at least the first 30 days

  • Avoid letting pets on bedding, pillows, or anywhere near your piercing. Make sure your sheets, blankets, and pillow cases are clean. Wear something clean, comfortable, and breathable to protect your piercing while you sleep

  • Avoid clothing that causes friction or pressure on your piercing 

  • Avoid using beauty and personal care products on your piercing including makeup, lotion, hairspray, perfume, cologne, etc.

Healing times

Healing times are going to be different for everyone, some people may heal quicker and some may need extra time to heal completely. The times listed below are general guidelines for how long it may take for your piercing to heal.

1 - 3 months

  • Earlobes

  • Eyebrow

  • Septum

  • Nostril

  • Lip

  • Tongue

3 - 6 months

  • Ear Cartilage 

  • Bridge

  • Cheek

  • Navel

  • Nipples

  • Surface Anchor 

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